Testimonials & Reviews

Dr. Jonathan Collin always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Jonathan Collin below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Dr Collin is an expert in many things including toxicity. He helped me tremendously get rid of toxins. He brings lots of compassion and expertise.
Erik Schneider

IV chelation heip my memory to be much more focused than before in past 2 years.
Jerry Reinhardt

I have been a patient for 20 years & doubt I would be here if not for Dr Collins expertise & knowledge, truly brilliant at his craft.
Ric Gosser

Dr. Jonathan Collin is the doctor to visit when you have had enough of conventional medicine. He does a complete job of evaluation and uses alternative therapies to treat serious conditions. If you are looking for someone to entrust your life to he is the man to see.Many insurance companies do not cover his visits because he is outside the main stream. But if your condition is serious enough to pay for then he is your man. He has treated my heart condition successfully when I was told I needed open heart surgery. I see him weekly for a magnesium treatment along with nutritional supplements . and homeopathic remedies. I still see a cardiologist for evaluation but not for treatment.


I have been a patient of Dr Collin for nearly 8 years and he is awesome! He has reinforced my belief in the use of alternative treatments. Additionally, his expertise has been educational plus effective. I trust him implicitly.

Tricia H.

My experience of being a patient of Dr. Collin has been very positive. He listens carefully to my concerns and addresses my needs in a way that feels methodical and not rushed. I feel particularly at ease and cared for in his practice. He brings both conventional and natural medicine to bear on my particular needs. I have recently had to be seen by multiple specialists due to my current health challenges. He has stayed up-to-date on my treatments by them, and adjusted his own approach to provide complementary care from his own resources. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a physician with an expansive approach to patient care.

Michael R.

I highly recommend Dr. Collin.  He is a very fair, smart, amazing man, who truly cares about his patients. 

I have Chronic Lyme Disease and he always brings me back to my old self every time it knocks me down.  For years, I had a huge fist size goiter in the front of my neck, but he got my thyroid under control, and the goiter is long gone, in addition to my bursitis, and arthritis.  When I am hit with severe fatigue, Dr. Collin helps me get back to being myself.

Dr. Collin puts out a wonderful, very informative monthly medical magazine called the Townsend Letter.  It is about all kinds of medical conditions and alternative supplements and medications that really work, and doctors from all over the world write articles for it, and read it.

I am so grateful to Dr. Collin – I feel like he has saved my life, and given me back good quality of life, and it’s wonderful.  His staff is really great and very accommodating, and I’ve met a ton of really interesting people from all walks of life, in his office. 

I think the world of Dr. Collin.

Susie Graves

Have been seen here for years and am honor to call Dr. Collin my MD. He is highly intelligent and listens to all concerns with a humble open mind. He is the publisher of the Townsend Letter which provides all it’s readers with an array of information on alternative treatments.
Estera T.

I have seen dr Collins for 10-15 years. He has helped me with a wide variety of medical problems. I totally recommend him.
Alima H.

Dr Collin is really good with my thyroid problems.

Heather B.

Ten years ago I found Dr Collin through another doctor who told me he went to medical school with him and he was the smartest man he knew. Conventional medicine could not help me and I was fading fast. Dr Collin took the challenge and soon I was getting back on my feet again. Now,I am very active and am able to keep up with the best of them. I owe all of this to Dr. Collin. He is a man of quiet demeanor who is listening so closely to what you are telling him so he can pick out the clues for your treatment. I can not say enough good things about this remarkable man. If you need help with any medical situation he is your best choice for recovery. I would never trust anyone else with my health. I highly recommend him. He is one of those rare gems in the medical world. Thank you Dr. Collin.
Judy D.

I am a new patient at the Kirkland office. I am very happy with the care I have received. Dr. Collin has a wealth of information and really listened to my concerns. I would highly recommend this office.
Kim F.

Dr. Collin has been a great resource in my research to live a happier and healthier life. He is very informative and up to speed on the newest medical research. I highly recommend consulting with him.

Jason G